Tree Surgeon LowestoftWhy choose us for tree surgery in Lowestoft?

Make your garden a haven from the world, and spend time there with the people you love. Having a garden is something that everyone should enjoy, but family obligations make it hard.

Without proper care, trees in a garden can become diseased, block light, or even endanger their health. Using our Lowestoft tree care services, we can make your tired garden into something beautiful that everyone will admire. We specialize in:

Tree felling and removal

Occasionally, diseased trees need to be removed. Before any cuts are made, our arborists inspect the site to ensure the tree lands correctly. Due to their weight and indeterminate nature, trees require considerable skill in addition to their heft.

The process of removing trees in sections

It is impractical to cut down trees in one piece in areas with limited space. Upon analyzing the tree, we will climb it and dissect it, branch by branch. This is a slow, methodical process if there is local property or another tree or hazard. Our team will take down your tree section by section if it’s located close to your house.

Crown Raising

Near the crown of a tree are most of the tree’s branches and leaves. Keeping your trees trimmed will allow more sunlight to enter your home. An alternate method to cutting down a tree is to remove its lower branches and restore its balance. Maintaining the tree’s natural appearance will help it remain healthy.

Crown Thinning

By removing branches from the crown of a tree, one can lower the density of the tree. As more light can enter the trees as a result of trees being thinned, it makes them appear more natural. Thinning the trees also reduces their wind resistance. An overgrown tree is more likely to fall over because it has more branches to catch the wind.

The reduction of the tree crown

This method is different from the crown raising technique because it involves removing branches from the tree’s interior to limit its height. One of our Lowestoft tree surgeons will remove the stems and foliage from the lower side of the tree during this process. The tree retains its natural shape but appears smaller due to its shrinkage.

Using the Deadwood Method

Some trees do not lose their branches all the time. When this happens, they are more vulnerable to pests and disease. A falling tree limb may cause injury to people. The objective is to prevent tree disease by removing deadwood.


In pollarding, branches from trees are removed to limit the growth of the trees. It is beneficial if the trees are close to a road since you can prevent them from growing too large.

Hedges and shrubs can be pruned and shaped.

Hedges can be a beautiful, attractive boundary in an appropriately maintained garden or around a home. Our arborists can easily maintain hedges that are untidy and overgrown. Hedges can become beautiful garden focal points when managed correctly, depending on their size and shape. They are unsightly if not managed correctly, and regular pruning and shaping keep them under control.

Taking care of garden overgrowth

Overgrown gardens can be challenging to get rid of, even for the most committed amateur gardener. In Lowestoft, we have cleared our fair share of nightmare forests, so we’re never overwhelmed by work. Taking down dense shrubs and bushes can be tricky, so let’s tackle it together.

Choosing a qualified tree surgeon near you

 Commercial and domestic areas of Lowestoft benefit from the tree care work undertaken by our tree surgeons. Following local laws and regulations is crucial such as:

  • BS3998: 2010 Recommendations for Tree Work,
  • BS5837: 2012 Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction,
  • Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

We regularly work in this Suffolk town due to our trusted reviews. Read some of these below, from locals:

Hedge and tree reduction

We are extremely pleased with the work that was done on our trees and shrubs. A great team of professionals who were polite, cheerful and knowledgeable. The overall experience was excellent. I highly recommend them.

Paul T, Lowestoft

Removal of large trees.

A great experience from beginning to end. Taking care of trees is a specialist job. The quality will be worth the money. Matt and his team combine the best price with years of tree expert knowledge (great job). They were able to come on time and were extremely polite. We wish to extend a special thanks to the young lad who was responsible for leaving the place in a clean and tidy state. I hope to see you again next year.

Tasha P, Lowestoft

Removal of stumps

I cannot express how highly I recommend Oakhill Trees. The company removed trees from my Lowestoft garden at an affordable price, provided excellent communication throughout, and all of the workers were friendly, efficient and left everything very clean. Excellent service.

Wesley J, Lowestoft

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